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Tehran, June 11, RAJANEWS – Diplomats in Tehran who didn’t want to be named for political reasons had told RAJANEWS that if Group 5+1 countries including Russia, China, US, UK, France and Germany’s approach toward Iran nuclear issue changes and the western part of the nuclear talks tries to waste more time and prevents reaching a technical conclusion based on Baghdad proposed agreements in Moscow, Tehran’s approach could differ from its approach in Baghdad nuclear talks.

International observers believe that the West does not aim to conclude nuclear talks in Moscow or anywhere else and what has happened in the past three months and now, are all its political maneuvers to play a show of restraint toward the world mass opinion as well as their own people who are against pressures upon IR Iran.

Iran had warned G5+1 in Baghdad talks that they should refrain from change of approach and deviation of the agreed agenda of negotiations.

Christian Science Monitor had quoted an Iranian diplomat on May 29 that “Iran’s top negotiator Saeed Jalili was completely angry and said in reaction to the west proposed plan that if you propagate this proposal, Tehran declares the complete failure of talks, calling them catastrophic.”

Iranian media had also quoted Jalili’s reaction to the Deputy Secretary General for the European External Action Service (EAS) Helga Schmid escape from holding the proposed expertise meeting.

“We have heard some remarks from western leaders about keeping pressure on Iran, I warn them to be careful and not to fall prey to such miscalculations,” Iranian media quoted Jalili.

 Empty hands of West in talks

Iran have already faced the worst kind of western pressures against itself beyond what the West could imagine which included sanction on Iran’s oil and Central Bank of Iran (CBI).

On the contrary, upcoming US presidential election and as a result, shaking situation of its governing administration and meanwhile, military threats becoming a more colorless propaganda tool as well as the crisis in financial and energy markets of EU,US gave Iran, an upper hand in negotiations.

Additionally, Iran offers in Baghdad talks which involved five objective and applicable points as well as the venue of talks strengthened Tehran’s position and resulted in the passive reaction of western side there and in the meantime, its dilemma for what to do in Moscow meeting.

West is now having a dilemma and in the meantime, while they can’t accept Iranian offers, they are afraid to be accused of an effort to make the talks failed.

Difference among G5+1 members

While Iran, Russia and China are working closely to make constructive nuclear talks among Tehran and G5+1 representatives in Moscow but the Western side of talks and in particular US and UK as the Zionist regime major allies are sending signals that are against Baghdad proposed agreements.

Russia, China’s support for step by step model for ending the sanctions toward Iran as well as the recognition of peaceful nuclear enrichment by Tehran on the contrary with the US, UK efforts to secure the interests of Zionist regime as well as the British hostility toward Moscow as venue for talks caused the differences among G5+1 members to become more severe and made the prospect of Moscow talks more ambiguous.

Talks for sake of talks; West approach

Therefore, since the West does not want the defeat of talks for internal, international reasons described above and since US and UK as Tel-Aviv allies are willing to give fewer advantages to Iran, negotiations for the sake of negotiations would be the most possible approach of the west in Mosow talks.

West refusal of holding talks between Iran’s deputy negotiator Ali Bagheri and the deputy of EU foreign policy Chief Catherine Ashton before Moscow talks proves this analysis.

The European Union ignored a request for preparatory talks before key negotiations in Moscow later this month.

“Despite all the follow-ups and number of letters sent by the Islamic Republic of Iran, you have not been successful to materialize the readiness. It is a big question to the public opinions why you are avoiding to hold experts meeting and deputies which was already agreed upon in Baghdad? Will the next round of talks be successful with or without having a clear provisional agenda and only having talks for the sake of talks? If the agreements made in each round of talks did not follow up properly by the deputies and experts, what kind of guarantee would it be for the success of the next round of talks?,” Bagheris said in his third letter to Shmit on June 9.

Such talks were scheduled to come in advance of the negotiations between Iran and the six world powers set for Moscow starting June 17.

Baqeri’s first letter was sent five days after the Baghdad talks on May 23 and 24, reminding that Iran is ready to hold an expert meeting with the representatives of the Group 5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany).

“The success of the Moscow meeting is conditioned on arranging the needed introductory measures and compiling the agreed comprehensive agenda,” Bagheri’s first letter said.

But after the opposite side showed a lack of readiness to attend an expert meeting, Baqeri, sent a second letter to Schmit on June 4.

Continued negative signals from West

The West refusal to hold the meeting of Bagheri and Shmit could mean the fact that it want to persist in its request for the halt of 20 percent enrichment by Iran without reaching an agreed framework in expertise meeting, ignoring Tehran’s request for the recognition of low enrichment in Iran by G5+1.

In addition to all these negative signals, the West has intensified spying on Iran’s nuclear activities by the use of MKO elements and other tools.

Furthermore, the West propaganda machine has intensified pressures on Iran, claiming that Tehran is washing off the traces of its nuclear activities in Pachin military base which has been asked to be inspected by IAEA inspectors as part of the proposed Iran, IAEA agreements.

Iran had made clear that the IAEA could only gain access to Parchin once a broader agreement had been reached on how to address the agency’s questions about possible military aspects to Iran’s nuclear program.

The Parchin complex is at the center of western allegations that Iran has been conducting research and experiments relevant to the developing a nuclear weapons capability. The Islamic Republic has repeatedly denied any such ambition.

Robert Kelley, a former senior IAEA official, had said in an interview with Reuters that if there were any uranium traces at the site the agency’s inspectors were still likely to find them.

Since the issue of Bahrain uprising as well as the western-motivated unrests in Syria have been also parts of Iran and G5+1 subjects for talks, the West has intensified propaganda against Damascus in recent months by the murder of more civilians by the use of rebels and propagating its news claiming that pro-Assad forces have done the crimes.

In case of Iran nuclear dispute with the West, it should be noted that Washington and its Western allies accuse Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons under the cover of a civilian nuclear program, while they have never presented any corroborative evidence to substantiate their allegations. Iran denies the charges and insists that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

Tehran stresses that the country has always pursued a civilian path to provide power to the growing number of Iranian population, whose fossil fuel would eventually run dry.

Translated by Hamdollah Emadi Heydari

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